Up until recently, Home inspectors have been using a clip board and a pencil and paper to jot down notes about the defects they may find during a home inspection. They would take pictures with a camera and save them for when they returned to the office to compile the official report between there notes and the pictures they took. After all of this, then they would have to print off the report and mail it to you, the client.

Thanks to modern technology, the home inspection industry is advancing and becoming more efficient. As a younger home inspector, technology comes to me naturally. I use a tablet to not only jot down my notes, but also to take my pictures. Being that all of my information is in one place, it makes the process of compiling the report effortless. Upon the end of the inspection, I will finalize the report, sign it, and email it to you, the client, immediately. There is no waiting. When I leave the house after an inspection, you already have the report.